This training is required for all individuals seeking access to the Coordinated Entry agency within HMIS/Clarity Database. You are taking this training to better understand when and how to do the necessary steps of the CES Clarity workflow.

The CES Clarity Workflow Cheat Sheet will likely be the most helpful document in this training, but it is recommended that you fully read and return to this training whenever needed as this training was created with the intentions of being a "resource hub" of sorts. The components of the CES workflow have been broken down into steps with information from both the Bitfocus Help Center and KSHC provided.

Any video that has "(KSHC)" in the title is a recording of the KS BoS CoC CES specific workflow, i.e., they can be returned to if you ever forget how to do complete any CES elements in Clarity.

The Bitfocus Help Center is YOUR FRIEND while learning the Clarity database :)

Bitfocus Help Desk https://help.bitfocus.com/
KSHC Help Desk https://kshc.freshdesk.com/support/home
  • A little bit of shopkeeping
  • How to Correctly use CES in HMIS
  • CES Clarity Workflow Cheat Sheet
  • Assessment & Access Point Training Main Slides
  • How to check CQs and Referrals
  • Quick Tip!
  • The History Tab
  • Viewing a Referral's History
  • How to add household back to CQ
  • How to add to the Community Queue (KSHC)
  • CES in HMIS walkthrough
  • CES in HMIS Walkthrough (Walkthrough)
  • Step 1: Switch Agencies
  • Switching Agencies
  • Switching Agencies (KSHC)
  • Step 2: Create Client Profile
  • How Do I Create a New Client Record?
  • How to create a client (KSHC)
  • Managing Households
  • How Do I Create a Household and Manage Members?
  • How Do I Add a New Household Member to an Enrollment?
  • Step 3: Release of Information
  • Does not consent to ROI
  • Release of Information
  • Release of Information (ROI) Overview
  • Consent Refused
  • Making Client Data Private
  • How to create a client + ROI (KSHC)
  • Step 4: CES Enrollment
  • Creating and Managing Program Enrollments
  • Make a Program Enrollment
  • Enrolling in CES (KSHC)
  • Step 5: Coordinated Entry Event
  • Recording and Editing Coordinated Entry Events in the Client Record
  • CES Event
  • Step 6: Current Living Situation
  • Current Living Situation Assessment
  • How Do I Conduct a Current Living Situation Assessment?
  • Current Living Situation (KSHC)
  • Step 7: KS BoS CoC CES Assessment
  • When to reassess
  • Completing an Assessment in the Client Record
  • How to input an assessment (KSHC)
  • Step 8: Referral to Community Queue
  • Community Queue for End Users
  • How to refer to CQ from assessment (KSHC)
  • How to add to the Community Queue (KSHC)
  • Ongoing Responsibilities: Check-ins & Referral Notes
  • How to check-in & add referral notes
  • What happens Next?
  • How to Request a Referral
  • KSHC Meeting Calendar
  • Freshdesk
  • PREVENTION: Direct Referrals
  • Direct Referrals from the Assessments Tab
  • What to do with the referral
  • Updating the Status of a Referral
  • How to accept referrals
  • How to deny referrals
  • Knowledge Check
  • Knowledge Check
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years